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Adaeze Nkwocha, founder and CEO of A’EZE READING PUBLICATIONS and founder of Black Girl Book Club, is a Nigerian American Author. Her first novel, Running Wild, set to release December 2022. Adaeze started writing at the young age of 7, watching her own father publish 3 of his own books by the time she was 16. Though she’d always enjoyed writing, and even authored various pieces for the Manteca Bulletin in high school, it wasn’t until 2015 when she decided to pursue her own journey to being a published author. Since then, Adaeze’s work has been regularly featured in Young Ignorantes, a private Los Angeles magazine, her poetry showcased in Chicago’s 2020 Poetry and Chill, as well as co-writing the "food waste" episode of the up and coming TV show Citizen's of Planet Earth. Adaeze’s journey has just started, she aims to use her knowledge to help others of the African/Black diaspora become published authors as well.

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After getting tricked into entering a burnt down, abandoned library, Ada stumbles upon a mysterious fountain hidden in the back of the building. A pair of sea blue eyes glinted up at her from the fountain water, the gatekeeper to a parallel world she would soon be thrust into. What first appeared to be the wild jungles of her homeland in Nigeria, she soon found out that the land was plagued with something much more sinister. Ada runs into the only thing that can save the land from complete and total destruction; an elephant named Enyi. Ada and Enyi join forces in order to bring balance back to the wild. But the deeper they go into the jungle the more and more Ada realizes she has a lot more to do with the disintegrating land than she realizes.

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Running Wild is an exploration of my roots, my past, my fears, my hopes. What started as me wanting to teach the world about Nigerian culture morphed into me learning about the depths of myself, and how little I knew of life.  The more I dug the deeper the roots grew. Running Wild is me re-potting myself, replanting myself. Cleaning off my roots and adding new soil, because I grew too big for my old gardens.” 

- Adaeze Nkwocha

Young Ignorantes, Roots

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